Psalm 3:3-5 Blankets and Harbors

Psalm 2:10-12, Remember Who's Boss

Psalm 2:1-6 We Are the Princes of the Universe

Psalm 1:1 The Don'ts Before the Do's

Psalm 1:2-3 Living On the Water's Edge

Genesis 20:9,11-16 It's OK to Ask Questions About This Stuff

Genesis 19:1-9 Time To Have "That Talk"

Genesis 18:1–8 Mi Casa es Tu Casa

Genesis 16:7–15 Call Them Ishmael

Genesis 14:17, 21–24 Some Things are Not Worth the Money

Genesis 12:10-16 The Things We Do For Fear

Genesis 9:1, 3–6 Blood

Genesis 8:13-19 Going Out By Family