Genesis 1:24-26 Caring for Creation

Genesis 1:6-8 Reaching Up Into the Waters

Romans 12:4-8 Other Gifts We Can Use

Matthew 6:25-2 Sitting on a Hillside and Relaxing

Acts 18:24-28 From Pew To Living Room

Acts 16:1–5 The Price of Being a Padawan

Acts 15:36–41 When Two or More Disagree In My Name

Acts 9:32–35 Being The Voice

Acts 8:26–38 The Wallflower in the Coffee Shop

Acts 6:8-15 Reacting To Truth

Acts 1:20–26 Becoming the Twelfth

Isaiah 53:3-6 - The Parking Lot

Proverbs 3:5-6 The Road Less Traveled