New Devotionals Beginning Soon in Light of Recent Events

So, in light of recent events, with everyone in the world hunkered down and isolating each other from each other to prevent the spread of The Virus Which Shall Not Be Named, I feel led to return to writing these devotionals for at least as long as all of us, everywhere, are dealing with this literally-unprecedented, worldwide emergency.

God does not give us a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7), but nevertheless we are all fearing it. Those who know God, or who want seek Him out, or don't do either but should, need more than ever to look up to him (Psalm 121) for guidance and peace. Especially peace. We all need peace right now.

I'm not trained as a pastor, have no theology degree, but we're all called to share the gospel and our own personal testimony with everyone. Shining the light on Jesus by how He's working in our lives.

That's kind of what this will be. I think. We won't know until we start. So, let's start.

Oh, wait, one thing, since today's the 17th (Happy Saint Patrick's Day, by the way), let skip a few Psalms for now and begin with Psalm 17.